Ever heard of a hackathon?

Contrary to the popular notion of ‘hacking,’ we engage in collaborative problem solving with the use of technology.

We do not teach people how to steal personal information or infiltrate accounts. 

We do not advocate for identity theft, security violations, spying, or any other senseless criminal activity.

A ‘hacker’ is simply a highly skilled individual, passionate about computer programming.

The mission of our hackathon is to identify challenges in the agricultural industry and bring together individuals and companies who have the resources and skills to propose solutions for these issues. The solutions can be software based (apps, programs) or hardware based (sensors, devices).

The Emerging Agriculture hackathon lasts just slightly longer than 24 hours. During this time frame we have a keynote speaker (Warren Bills from xarvio), project pitches and team formation, 6 hours of ‘hacking,’ and finally, judging.

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about agriculture, computer science/technology, engineering, and/or business. Thus, our conceptualization of a ‘hacker’ extends far beyond computer programming. Note: you do not have to be fluent in any of these domains - you just have to be passionate and driven!

At our event, being labelled a ‘hacker’ is a compliment. If you’d like to be apart of our fifth annual hackathon, please add your email address to the mailing list on the homepage. This ensures that you will be contacted when registration opens in late November!

Thanks for reading! Happy hacking :)

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